Japanese premium marine proteoglycan

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    BlueJuve™ is a branded marine proteoglycan ingredient derived from nasal cartilage of Hokkaido salmon.

    Proteoglycan is a unique type of glycoproteins that has long, linear chains of carbohydrates such as chondroitin sulfate bound to its core protein. It also forms large complexes with hyaluronic acid and collagen, contributing to the structural integrity of connective tissues such as skin and cartilage. Such complexes help improve the versatility and hydration of these tissues.

    Proteoglycan is a rare and highly-valued health ingredient. It takes more than 1,600 salmons to produce 1kg of proteoglycan.


    Health Benefits

    Due to these unique structural features, BlueJuve™ can serve as both a beauty ingredient as well as a joint health ingredient:

    • BlueJuve™ is clinically proven to improve knee joint functions from 4 weeks after consumption
    • BlueJuve™ shows improvement in skin hydration and firmness in clinical trials


    To ensure the quality of the ingredient and control over supply chain, BlueJuve™ is launched by Avida Health in collaboration with a Japanese manufacturing partner.


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