R&D (Our Philosophy – R&D)

At Avida Health, we believe in the power and beauty of science and strive to bring this power and beauty closer to the daily life of public by constantly investing in the natural ingredients research and new product innovation.

Our R&D talents are our pride, who pass on their knowledge and discoveries to the consumers by pampering them with high quality health products backed with solid science.

Our core technologies with our exclusive know-how, which define us a leader in the natural ingredients research communities. Our global natural ingredient research & development alliances and supply partnerships give us significant competitive advantages and value when delivering the natural product portfolio to the global marketplace.

We believe in open innovation. We invite you who has innovative idea to join our journey and we can help bring your idea into market together.

Dr Wang Guan, R&D Director

Core Technologies

  1. Natural Ingredients Research
    Avida has a competitive natural ingredients portfolio. We investing heavily in the functional study of natural ingredients.
  2. Rapso™ Delivery Technology
    Rapso™ is Avida’s patet pending delivery technology dedicated to improved bioavailability. Rapso™ ‘s key features include a high payload of water-insoluble ingredients and exceptional protection of sensitive natural ingredients.
  3. Competitive Premix Innovation
    Competitive Premix Innovation is Avida’s exclusive platform for innovative premix of natural ingredients, which is built upon the foundation of Avida’s exclusive know-how from Natural Ingredients Research

Innovation Center

  1. AVIDA Singapore Innovation Center
    Avida’s central research center, focusing on natural ingredients research and their mechanism of action on chronic disease management
  2. NutriCRO lab
    Ingredients function data including clinical study manangement
  3. Sensin lab
    Super food development, focusing on sensory research
  4. Med Life Lab
    Mediterranean diet and health ingredients research
  5. Mirai AGLAB
    Anti-glycation research
  6. Rapso Lab
    Rapso™ delivery system research and bioavailability research