A survey in Italy indicated that the perception of weight gain during the COVID-19 lockdown is 48.6% of the population, due to the change of eating habits, increased inactivity for maintaining social distancing and avoid outdoor activities (1).  Being Overweight is closely related to many chronic health conditions such as hyperglycemia, hypertension, and abnormal blood lipid profile, collectively named as metabolic syndrome.  Study has pointed out that COVID-19 patients with BMI values over 30 have a higher mortality rate of 30% (2).

COVID-19 pandemic has pushed the immediate awareness of personal hygiene and the health concern, in which immune health has come to the top. Health and wellness advice has been claimed for years and suddenly exercise, sufficient sleep, stress management, complete nutrients, and fibers became the focus of our life.  According to Alibaba Group’s China, consumers in all age groups have shown a stronger tendency than ever to spend on healthcare products, and those in the 20s are the biggest buyers. This is the new normal.

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