Clinically proven green tea extract

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    Green tea consumption has been traditionally linked to lower body fat. A number of clinical studies have shown green tea to promote energy expenditure and caloric consumption by increasing thermogenesis (the production of body heat derived from fat oxidation).

    • double standardization in EGCG and tea catechins
    • optimized oral bioavailability of EGCG compared to the non-Phytosome® formulation
    • proven antioxidant capacity in humans


    GREENSELECT® PHYTOSOME® studies demonstrated:

    • significant results in weight management on overweight subjects1 oral consumption of 150 mg twice a day, combined with a reduced-calorie diet resulted in an average of over 30 lbs weight difference in 90 days.
    • GREENSELECT® PHYTOSOME®group also demonstrated a 12% reduction in BMI.
    • male subpopulation showed a significant reduction in waistline.
    • significant weight management in subjects with borderline metabolic syndrom and globally improved health profile.
    • oral consumption, combined with a modified lifestyle and controlled dietary regimen, resulted in an effective weight loss, compared to lifestyle and dietary changes alone.


    GREENSELECT® PHYTOSOME® is manufactured in Italy.

    Available for selected markets only. Contact for more information.


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