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    CSAT+® is a premium inside-out ingredient for weight management, based on a proprietary carob blend†*. It is standardized to ≥ 36% galactomannans, to ≥ 2% oligofructoses and to 1% polyphenols.

    • Galactomannans are polysaccharides of large molecular weight which are known for helping promote feelings of fullness and satiety*.
    • Oligofructoses are small dietary fibres that have been shown to improve lipid profile, and to glucose peaks reduction after meals*.
    • Polyphenols are powerful antioxidants that have been shown to exert anti-inflammatory properties, to improve lipid metabolism, and to decrease fat accumulation in adipose tissue in vitro*.

    How does it work?

    There has been identified the following main CSAT+® mechanisms of action:

    • Appetite control: Galactomannans help to increase the feelings of satiety and fullness in the stomach*.
    • Blood glucose and pressure balance: Polyphenols are associated with both pancreatic and saliva α-amilase inhibition, which tends to reduce glucose absorption*.
    • Improved lipid metabolism (as it is a source of prebiotic fibres, such as Oligofructoses)*.

    Why CSAT+®?

    • Unique bioactive blend. International patent.
    • Consumer organoleptic test available.
    • Synergic mechanism of action:
      • Appetite control.
      • Blood glucose balance.
      • Lipid metabolism improvement.
    • Controlled process and traceability (made in Spain).
    • NutraIngredients 2020 finalist-awarded ingredient.


    Available for selected markets only. Contact for more information.


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