Patented white kidney bean extract

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    BEANBLOCK® is a patented purified bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) extract. BEANBLOCK® is obtained from a single and specific Italian bean variety.

    BEANBLOCK® is standardized in 2 groups of proteins with three different approaches:

    • Enzymatically: Inhibiting activityU/mg: 1.100
    • Chemically: 6% (HPLC – % w/w) in α-amylase inhibitor protein complex
    • Biologically: Haemagglutinating activity 10.000 30.000 (HAU/g)


    BEANBLOCK® P. vulgaris bean extract is supported and proven effective by extensive data. Acute oral administration in healthy volunteers has shown that:

    • BEANBLOCK® employed as supplement in a mixed Mediterranean balanced meal positively affected glucose metabolism in healthy volunteers.
    • BEANBLOCK® modulates ghrelin secretion and induces a longer duration of satiety in healthy volunteers, suggesting a potential use to control excessive food intake.


    BEANBLOCK® is manufactured in Italy.

    Available for selected markets only. Contact for more information.


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