Berries blend for eye health

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    AnthoC3 is an innovative food ingredient developed by Avida Health for eye health benefits. It is formulated with natural extracts from six types of purple-black berries and grains rich in
    proanthocyanidins and anthocyanins.
    Such active compounds are potent antioxidants and dark-colored fruits have evolved to produce them in large amounts as a protective mechanism against environmental oxidative stress
    (often caused by strong UV exposure in their natural habitat).

    Among the different types of anthocyanins, C3G and C3R arethe most clinically important and studied for their many health benefits.

    How does AnthoC3 work in our eyes?

    • Suppresses oxidative stress and reduces pro-inflammatory cytokine release
    • Protects lens epithelial cells against apoptosis
    • Enhances nitric oxide release and promotes vasodilation
    • Promotes regeneration of rhodopsin in photoreceptor cells




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