Avida Health unveiled multiple new product lines under its own brands Izu Naomi, Immuprime and Nutriprime, alongside three newly launched proprietary ingredients at last month’s Hi & Fi Asia-China which took place in Shanghai National Exhibition and Convention Centre (NECC) on 25-27 Nov 2020. Avida Health participated in the event in collaboration with Acerchem International, Inc., which acts as the exclusive distributor of its products in mainland China.

The Japan-origin Izu Naomi(R) brand aims to fulfill the needs of self-pampering for the urban consumers and help them achieve their ever-growing pursuit for beauty and sophistication. At the exhibition, Avida Health showcased their enzyme series, rose essence and instant coffee/tea product series. Avida’s proprietary ingredients targeting antioxidation, micro-circulation, skin hydration, anti-wrinkle effects and anti-glycation were used in their formulations.

The Immuprime(R) brand was established in New Zealand specifically targeting family immune health and primarily utilize natural herbal extracts as the key active ingredients. At the exhibition, Avida showcased the newly developed BreezeClean series of concentrated immunity boost beverage. The new product is developed by Avida’s R&D team based on the patented BerriQi(TM) boysenberry extract concentrate from Anagenix and specifically targeted for improving lung health and immunity functions which are often under siege from air pollution or other environmental factors.

Nutriprime(R) is an Australia-registered brand of premium health supplement products targeting high-end consumers. An NMN-based product, ENMUEN LUXE (containing NMN and CoQ10) has been launched in November this year.

Many of Avida’s newly launched products have formulations based on its innovative proprietary ingredients:

Mizup(TM) is based on marine proteoglycan and natural extracts for skin hydration and anti-wrinkle effects;

L’activo(TM) is a natural fruit and plant extract blend inspired by Mediterranean diet, with olive and grape seeds as the key components;

AnthoC3(TM) is a mixed berry and cereal extract ingredient with high levels of proanthocyanidins and anthocyanins for improving symptoms of dry eyes and visual acuity under low light intensity

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